Ten Tails Tournament

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Ten Tails Tournament

Post  Gohan1233 on Wed Dec 19, 2012 11:11 pm


1. No Spamming.
2. All match ups are 2/3.
3. The roster of both clans must only contain members of the clan. One person using two accounts is not allowed.
4. Subs are unlimited. Once a player is subbed out, they can't be subbed back in.
5. You cannot copy your opponent's previous teams. Using two or more characters from your opponents team is copying.
6. If there is a glitch, proof is required for a rematch. If there is no proof, the winner can call a rematch or keep the win.
7. No full teams (Stun, Counter/Reflect,AOE,Drain+Leech). If your opponent is breaking this rule, post a screenshot.
8.You cant use 2 or more chars twice


Orochimaru + Kabuto (S)/Tayuya/Sandaime/Oboro/Jiraya/Temari/Deidara/Temari(s)/CSS/Naruto/Baki/Gekko
Haku + Sakura/Dosu/Hinata (S)/Gai/Lee/Tayuya/Naraka/Preta
Kidoumaro + 4 Tails/Sakura/Sakura (S)/Minato/Gai/Lee/Ino/Kiba (S)/Kakashi
Kisame + Izumo/Oro (S)/Zaku/Sai/Shodaime/Kankurou/Chiyo
Itachi + Izumo/Sakura/Sakon/Sakura (S)/Demon Bros/Orochimaru/ Gai (S)
Neji (S) + Preta/Kyuubi/Kab (S)/CSS/ITachi(s)
Kyuubi + Sakura (S)/Chiyo/Sakon/Izumo/Lee/Demon Bros
Baki + Oro S/Juugo/Suigetsu/naruto/orochimaru
Gaara + anyone
Chouji + Any Healer/Iruka/Shika (S)
Dosu + Kyuubi/Chiyo/Itachi/Kisame BD/Izumo/Sasuke
Torune + Lee (S)/Kabuto
Shodaime + Ibiki/ Mangekyou Sasuke/Lee /Sak(S)
Preta/Shino/Hinata(S) + Drain
Kakashi + Shodaime/Zaku/orochimaru/Sasuke
Young Kakashi + Shigure/Animal Pain/Naruto (S)/Yoroi/Chiyo/ Kakashi S
Gai(S) + Kyuubi/Jiraiya/Shika(s)
Shika (S) + Yoroi/KBD/Neji
Demon Bros + Sasuke/ Minato/lee/kidoumaro/ino/
Kakashi S + chiyo/ Young Kakashi/Asuma S/ Naruto Senni/Izumo
Habichi – Banned
Yon Hokage - Banned



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